World War 3 Interview – Where the title stands against Battlefield

World War 3  Interview – Where the title stands against Battlefield

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World War 3 is an anticipated multiplayer military FPS set in fictional but realistic global conflict – World War 3. It features authentic modern combat system, national armed forces, real locations and a versatile customization system to simulate the setting.

We recently had a chance to interview Kamil Bilczynski, the founder of World War 3 project and The Farm 51 company. He also plays a role of Project Lead and Game Creative Director in the project. Kamil is also an industry veteran with years of experience in game industry and military R&D projects.

In the interview, he shed some lights on where World War 3 stands, things behind the decisions and where it is going forward. He kept very informative throughout the interview so the fans would find it enjoyable.

World War 3 Interview with Kamil Bilczynski

Q1. First of all, what made you develop a realistic FPS that is particularly set in the Third World War ?

I must say that The Farm 51 is not only a game development company. We also have a long and successful history of cooperation with the army and the military industry on some serious military R&D project. During that time, we have learned a lot about tactics, strategy, combat vehicles, drones etc. and, surprisingly, we noticed that many of those realistic elements have never appeared in any modern military FPS game.

A huge part of our team has a strong military background, so we try to combine our experience in games and cooperation with military companies to create an amazing game experience which will show how future modern combat could really look like.

We have chosen World War 3 scenario, because that setting gives us a great opportunity to show any aspects of next-gen warfare in terms of tactics, teamwork, gear upgrades, drones etc. To be honest, possible World War 3 scenarios (war-game simulations) exist in every army headquarters around the world. And trust me – we are talking about a lot of different scenarios for various geo-strategy situations which may appear in future.

We have chosen one of these worst-case scenarios to keep the realistic background of our game as good as possible also from the geo-strategic point of view.


Q2. How are you trying to differentiate it from Battlefield series? Where do you specifically aim to stand in the FPS genre?

In general, we will deliver a much more tactically-oriented game experience. We want to recreate the essential elements of modern combat experience and show the consequences of the soldier’s actions during the global long-term war campaign.

We hope to find a perfect balance between realism and gameplay fun, something that we call “playable realism”. We try to be in the middle – between arcade oriented shooters (like Call of Duty) and ultra-realistic simulations (like Arma).

War tactics evolve almost every decade, we want to show how next generation war could look like: that situation awareness is crucial for any combat operations today, that unmanned or autonomous flying or ground vehicles will play a very important role in future combat, that loitering munitions, recon drones or precision strikes will be essential in any infantry tactics and so on. But even with all that deadly toys of destruction, cooperation and maximum efficiency is the key to success, because only together, we’re strong! World War 3 focuses on large-scale battles (infantry & vehicles), strong team play & battle responsibility, real locations and versatile warfare customization.

Another very important element of World War 3 project is the community driven development, we are always open for discussion how to improve our game…we really believe that together with players we will improve and achieve a final godlike quality of World War 3 game :)


Q3. Will there be servers for the APAC region in the future? (Even if there are many bugs or even higher prices are fine, but I just want a server!)

I have very good news for you and rest of the Asian community ! We’ve decided to run dedicated severs for APAC region from day-one release! Once again, thank you very much for your help in alpha-tests in last few weeks !

Q4. There were complaints about textures and motions in the beta. Will it be improved in the early access version?

Yes, for sure we want to improve every aspect of our game during early access stage – any feedback is more than welcome!
If you have any thoughts and ideas please contact with us via our social media channels, forum or just send us an email.


Q5. What kind of game modes will appear in the future?

First, we want to be focused on our two main game modes, first one is Warzone and second one is Recon, we want to polish them up to maximum fun-factor level as possible and this is our top priority for now …but for sure, we have some ideas for future game modes, like tank-wars (vehicles-oriented battles) or squad-wars (squad-vs-squad fights).

Moreover, in every game mode, we want to re-create some unique elements of modern warfare tactics – we don’t want to add any “just for fun” modes into game, because we could lose our hard&fast military identity.

I also believe that the community will bring to us some very nice ideas regarding new game modes so we want to keep our options open :)

Q6. Will there be a binary program that user can download and set up their own server? (such one as BF2 Dedicated Server 1.50 in BF2)

We don’t have such plans at this moment, you need to understand that our meta-game world requires a fully secured master-servers.
But we are thinking about some training-servers in future, where players will allow to test different gear sets, customizations, tactics etc. Safely.

Q7. Previously we have some info that “WW3 will be released on Free-to-Play.” Please tell me the reason why this was canceled.

We started developing World War 3 as a free-to-play game, but after some time we switched into a soft-price strategy, because we wanted to avoid typical free-to-play traps, like gameplay pay-walls etc. And to be honest we believe that soft-price strategy is much fair for PC players for many reasons – from core design ideas, balancing the gameplay to player progression and so on.

Also any new gameplay content will be distributed for free, no loot boxes or that kind of scary shit ;)


Q8. I was not able to participate in the technical test, how many people is involved in Recon?

At this moment I can only say that Recon is a tactically-oriented objective game mode which focuses on squads operations on a hostile territory with a touch of royal gameplay mechanics :)
Stay tuned – more details about our tactical Recon game mode will be revealed soon.

Q9. Are you fully aware of the competition scene? What are your plans for tournaments and eSports?

Yes, we have some plans for e-sport. In my humble opinion our Recon game mode could become a very entertainming and popular e-sport platform – great to watch and play for players around the world. We also want to add some new nice features for clans and so on in the nearest future. But right now, we are focusing on the early access release and, of course, on the disscussion with the community regarding future updates and improvements.

I’m pretty sure that WW3 adventure is just beginning and the project will be constantly growing in every new update !

Q10. Can we enjoy the game solo? Are we required of teamplays?

Our game will have a squad-oriented teamplay, sure you can play solo but you need to remember that you are a part of the team.

Use your defensive or offensive skills to help your teammates to conquer or defend objectives, customize your gear and improve your squad tactics for more effective fights, adjust your gadgets, vehicles, drones etc. to support your team in combat on hostile territory. That’s our vision of good military multiplayer experience, which we want to deliver and expand during early access.

Our goal is to recreate essential elements of modern combat experience and show consequences of soldier’s actions during a global, long-term war campaign.


Q11. Is there a possibility of adding East Asian forces including the Japanese Army? (Such as People’s Liberation Army, Republic of Korea Armed Forces, and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force)

We want to add new armiers, weapons, vehicles and maps during early access and after the final release. All new gameplay content will be free of charge.

For sure Japanese Army or Korean Army have a great potential, for example Type10 or K2 Black Panther are really beautiful steel beasts and it will be great to see them on the World War 3 battlefields ;) In general, we want to ask our community – what kind of new vehicles, customization or equipments they want and then start working on some new game content.

Q12. Are you planning to add other language support to the game?

Yes, we want to add new languages during early access, any help & suggestions is more than welcome !

The release date of World War 3 is October 19, 2018.


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