[MW3] DLC:PS3への「CoD:MW3」新マップ配信は2月28日!

[MW3] DLC:PS3への「CoD:MW3」新マップ配信は2月28日!

「Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3」PS3版も”コンテンツシーズン”開始!



The Call of Duty: MW3 Content Season kicks off for PS3 Call of Duty® ELITE premium members on February 28th, when multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza make their debut. The two new maps offer a complementary contrast in playstyle, with Liberation’s long sight lines catering to snipers and assault rifles, while Piazza’s winding corridors favoring run-and-gun SMG and shotgun tactics.

Get new content delivered monthly during the nine month season (20 drops total) by upgrading to a Call of Duty ELITE Premium membership.

Piazza のティザー動画